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3/4" Flame Resistant Lanyard

Flame Resistant Flame Resistant

CHUMS Safety Kevlar & PBI/Kevlar blend lanyards are perfect for all electrical, fire & rescue, utility, and ARC exposed work environments.

Will not ignite, smolder, melt or drop when exposed to arc flash, direct flame, sparks, or welding splatter.

  • NFPA 70E Certified
  • Arc rated to 15 cal/sq. cm
  • Molded swivel J-hook included.
  • Breakaway design for safety.

3/4" PBI/Kevlar Flame Resistant Lanyard

  • PBI/Kevlar Blend.
  • Heat resistant to 540 C
  • LOI = 41 - 38%

3/4" Natural Kevlar Flame Resistant Lanyard

  • Natural Kevlar.
  • Heat resistant to 450 C
  • LOI = 30%

3/4" Black Kevlar Flame Resistant Lanyard

  • Black Kevlar.
  • Heat resistant to 450 C
  • LOI = 30%

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