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Eyewear Retainers

Flame Resistant

Flame Resistant CHUMS® Safety Kevlar & PBI/Kevlar retainers are the perfect safety accessories for all electrical, fire & rescue, utility, and ARC Flash exposed work environments. Able to resist heat up to 540°C, our Kevlar & PBI/Kevlar retainers will not ignite, smolder, melt, or drip when exposed to arc flash, direct flame, sparks, or welding spatter.

Breakaway Retainers

Breakaway Perfect for situations where choking or snagging hazards exist, all Single Breakaway retainers pull apart with six pounds of pressure and reattach easily for continued use.
MSRP$9.99 – $59.94
7 colors | 2 mixes
2 colors
6 colors
MSRP$9.99 – $59.94
9 colors | 2 mixes

Other Retainers

Provides a snug fit with goggle-strap-like functionality
Dual port silicone retainer fits most eyewear
6 colors | 4 mixes
Adjustable molded eyewear retainer
2 mixes

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