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Our Mascot: The Red-Footed Booby Bird

If you sent me to the Antarctic, I'd freeze my buns off! I'm a bird of the tropical seas, and I'm into flying, soaring, diving, fishing, surfing and power-walking. Some of my favorite haunts are the Hawaiian beaches — So who am I?

I'm a Red-Footed Booby, Sula Sula of the Sulidae family, if you want to get all formal on me. Early Spanish navigators named me "Bobo" (hence Booby), an uncomplimentary name meaning "not very smart," given me because I was so anxious to get acquainted with humans I would sometimes alight on the rails of their galleons and allow them to catch me. Unfortunately, the sailors were not so friendly and I usually ended up in a soup pot. Somehow, I managed to survive.

Modern humans are better behaved, and I have continued to show everyone that I am an extraordinary, spectacular, sports-loving high flier, and, above all, still friendly. My friends at Chums, a truly customer-friendly outfit (a live person still answers their phones!) have signed me on to act as their logo and mascot. I'm a quality bird, representing a line of quality products — Chums!